Luna Simone may look like a perfect mix of her gorgeous parents, but when it comes to her personality, she takes after one of them a little bit more. “She’s giddy and excitable, but she’s definitely more serious, she’s more [dad John Legend] in that way,” Chrissy Teigen told PEOPLE Thursday at a Smirnoff Vodka Cocktail in N.Y.C. “It takes a minute for her to warm up to people. Whereas I’m very much a toucher, a hugger, a lover, she really sizes people up and down.”

“She remembers you, though — after the first time you guys are hanging out, the next day, she’ll definitely remember you,” the model and cookbook author adds of her 1-year-old. “But yeah, it takes her a minute, and I think that’s very cool. I like that she’s protective like that. I like my way of things too, but I do like that she has her own personality.”

Teigen, 31, shares that her baby girl is also like her dad in one other big way: her affinity for music. But though she’s a little young to be taking up an instrument at this point, she is moving and shaking to the beats like a pro. “She’s got a little bop, she’s got a little [Stevie Wonder] in her,” the Lip Sync Battle host says. “She loves dancing in her high chair, she just goes back and forth as soon as you put music on, it’s pretty instant. Sometimes she’ll close her eyes and sway her head. She was doing it to Rihanna the other day.”

“She’s definitely a dancer, she’s a mover,” Teigen explains. “She’s a big bouncer, which I’m sure all babies are, but the second she gets on my ankles, she wants to go bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy. She’s a hyper hypo for sure. She’s very hyperactive and cute.”

Another interest of Luna’s that her mom says they “could do for days” without the little girl getting bored? Peekaboo. “She loves peekaboo,” Teigen says. “And from across the room, she’ll notice you and she’ll get so excited, and you’ll see the little two bottom teeth come out.”

Speaking of her teeth, how far along are they now that Luna just celebrated her first birthday? “She’s got two little bottom teeth and then she has maybe four half teeth up top — they’re kind of just jacked right now,” the proud mama jokes. “They’re like circles, they’re not even squares or anything. They’re so cute. And when she smiles, she’s totally John. And it’s so adorable.”



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