We know you like vodka, but have you tried a rosé forty? And are you on team rosé?
Oh my god, no. No! Oh, no, I don’t think that sounds [good], it actually makes me sick thinking about it.
So not team rosé?
Actually, I don’t [like it]. I like the taste of it, but I don’t feel great [after I drink it]. I’ve never been good with Champagne, rosé, or brown alcohol.
What are your favourite and least favourite fast food chains?
Obviously Taco Bell, McDonald’s always a classic. I’m gonna go ahead and say Shake Shack over In-N-Out. Bottom: oh god, let’s see, that’s tough because there are a lot of middle ones I love. I love Wendy’s. I love Chick-fil-A, I do think Chick-Fil-A is slightly overrated, though. Especially cuz they won’t just like fucking put the shit on the burger for you. Like, my god, put it on the fucking burger. So that’s why it loses points for me.
Was it Chili’s you were just talking about on Twitter?
Applebee’s! I still like all these places though is the problem. I feel like there are good things at every bad restaurant so that’s really tough for me. Unless I’m going to say Rallies. Listen, I’ve seen 10,000 Sonic commercials and I’ve never fuckin’ seen a Sonic in my life.
Are there any foods you really don’t like or refuse to eat?
There are flavours that I don’t love. I don’t love capers, I don’t love fennel. Aside from that, that’s kind of it. I’m not a big innards person, like even if it’s fried and delicious I’m not doing liver or bone marrow. I don’t need to pretend that I have taste.
Do you have a favourite weird food combo that other people judge you for? (For example, I like Hot Cheetos and cream cheese.)
Oh, that sounds amazing. I love everything bagels and peppercinis together. And butter. Everything bagel toasted with butter, sprinkled with peppercinis. I love that. When I was pregnant, I really loved whole milk and rare steak. That was like my jam.
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